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Mobile Tracker

Synergize IT’s Mobile Tracker gives customers the ability to track and perform real-time operations without the need to install any software on the mobile phone.

With increased pressure on organizations to demonstrate corporate responsibility whilst maximising productivity, Mobile Tracker is a cost-effective and viable solution.

With a simple and feature rich web based user interface the service can enable:

  • lone worker protection services.
  • corporate asset tracking.
  • employee protection.
  • fixed asset management.
  • fleet management.
  • crisis response services.


There are two standard Mobile Tracker packages available with details as follows:

Detail Basic Advanced
Customer branding
Alert notifications (email, SMS and API)  
Geofence support  
Point Of Interest provisioning  
SMS messaging  
Statistics and reports  
Staff clock-in and clock-out
Intelligent notifications
Voice SOS
Call recording and playback
Listen-in facility
Audit logs

The basic package is free to setup whilst the advanced package typically incurs a setup and monthly recurring service fee.  All packages incur usage fees in relation to location lookups and SMS.  Bespoke packages can be implemented and for further information and pricing please contact us.

Key benefits and business drivers include:

  • reduce overheads by implementing duty of care type services.
  • reduce operational costs and response times by knowing who is where and when.
  • interact, engage and involve your employees and customers using mobile, SMS and Location Based Services (LBS).
  • manage and monitor corporate assets in the field.
  • real-time management and procurement.

Mobile Tracker is simple to use and simple to setup and works with any UK mobile network connected device (phone, tablet, mobile asset etc.).

Mobile Tracker can work in conjunction with Mobile Worker offering customers a flexible step-wise approach to realize their mobile strategy.

The following general Terms and Conditions exist which are also present in any contractual agreement:

  • the user agrees to be located (i.e. consents for their Mobile Network Operator to release their location data to the service provider for the provision of the service).
  • service accuracy can vary depending on the users situation i.e. city vs. country location.
  • the service provider has the right to terminate the service.
  • this service is subject to the Industry code of practice for Location based services found here.


Corporate Manslaughter Act 2007.
Codes of Practice.
Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.
Lone Worker Guidelines.
The Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations 2003.
Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000.

When signing up to the service users and corporations agree to be located and give the necessary consent. Full details are supplied in the contractual documentation which Synergize IT will supply and sign-off with the customer prior to the service being available for use.

If you are a user who is being tracked please refer to this guide to understand how the tracking works, accuracy and various frequently asked questions. Location services and you.

Mobile Tracker is part of the Synergize IT range of solutions that enable customers to engage and interact with mobile. Mobile Tracker allows organizations to use location as a dimension to its own service offering and may also be deployed in environments where customers re-use their existing GIS software and databases.

For further information and pricing please contact us.